Andrew Merton

Welcome to my set of home made doggerel ditties, some of which are improved greatly by the addition of  Laura's beautiful voice (songs marked L). All were recorded on GarageBand for the iPad using my iPad 2's internal microphone. They all sound better on Bose headphones, which I used when recording. Lyrics and info are all by each song.

I play a classical guitar made by Bruno Boutin, Luthier of Magog, Quebec. All other instruments are built in from GarageBand. A few of the tunes are covers, but most are original words and music.

My ambition is to be the largest selling musician of all time, so any sharing or spreading the word is much appreciated. These tunes are all available for streaming or download free of charge. If everyone who downloads a tune shares it with ten other friends my plan for world domination will soon be achieved.