From the recording Doggerel ditties


Fall in Mont Tremblant

Gin clear air, distilled through rain
Lakes still brimming with champagne
White tailed deer now congregate
Bears prepare to hibernate

Copper leaves turn green, red, gold
Winter snows will soon unfold
Algonquin spirits everywhere
“Gitche Manitou” reigns here

Soon the snows will smother sound
Fish will flounder underground
Loons and golfers, geese migrate
Till the freezing cold abates

Be they young or be they old
Canadians enjoy the cold
Snow shoes, skiing, skating, sun
Wicked winter wonder fun

Spring and summer, distant dreams
Ice will melt in silver streams
Melting Iron Men chase fame
Seasons here come none too tame

For everything there is a season
Time for wonder, time for reason
Celebrate Mont Tremblant’s worth
This Perfect Paradise on earth