From the recording Doggerel ditties


Captain Tom is on his last flight
Destination heav’n above
A brimful life - a final dogfight
Myriad memories of love

Exotic and diverse his flights
Their spectrum covered every hue
Carrier landings in the night
Navy top gun, king of the crew

Family formed his foundation
Kathy was his lifelong muse
Their love survived long separation
Lit by an immortal fuse

He saw the best in everyone
Even Khalid and Amin
Arafat or Michael Jackson
As they were, not how they seemed

Truly Catholic in all meanings
Tolerant of different views
Devoid of sanctimonious preening
Friend to Muslims, Skeptics, Jews

Siblings, children, grandkids, friends
Now he’s flown back to his wife
Raise the roof and sing to send
Thanks for Tom’s incredible life