From the recording Doggerel ditties


Heartless artless deals

Trump, that uncrowned king of tasteless bigly bling
Covets powers a real king might wield
Weak and insecure he shovels his ordure
In Hades, not for him Elysian Fields

Infantile mistakes, what massive space he takes
He blows so hard, he sucks the air from life.
He celebrates his greed, by scalping those in need
Magnifying suffering and strife

He doesn’t give a fart as he rips the world apart
Compassion finds no lair beneath that hair.
Carefully he chose, to deter us if he goes
Anaemic rigid Pence, his craven heir

Let everyone invoke their Gods to spike his spokes
To cripple him before our fate is sealed
When crazy plans are spun, let none of them get done
No legacy survive, all trace repealed…. No heartless artless deals