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  1. Imagine again


Imagine again

This year’s spring is frozen, all is still
Human time has stopped, by order of the crown
Flu prone birds ignore our lock down laws
To sing and flock and mate and fly around.

We respond by pulling up the drawbridge
Young and poor will surely bear the cost
We’ll hunker down until we find solutions
All time for preparation has been lost

Imagine that there are no other people
That brotherhood consists of you and me
I hope someday that we will all just wake up
To find that this has been a dreadful dream

With luck this silent war will soon be over
Our herd become immune to further toll
A baby boom may bring a younger world
A world with new ideas and wider goals

May we build from this experience something lasting
A right to health must trump all talk of guns
We see how we depend on one another
Imagine if the world could breathe as one.

Imagine if the world could breathe as one