1. Reimagine

From the recording Doggerel ditties



Twenty twenty time has frozen still
Society is stalled, by order of the crown.
Flu filled bats ignore all lock-down laws
Their rampant socialising knows no bounds.

We respond by pulling up the drawbridge,
Weak and poor are left to bear the cost.
Hunker down and hope to find solutions
Time for preparation now long lost.

The President is vainly shunning face masks
While selfless heroes battle shocking scenes.
He tweets us throw all caution to the wind
And resurrect from this dystopian dream.

With luck this silent war will soon be over
Immunity will stop a second toll.
A baby boom can bring a younger world
A world of fresh ideas and fairer goals.

Let’s build from this experience something lasting,
A right to health to trump all talk of guns.
We know that we depend on one another
Imagine that the world can breathe as one.
The world can breathe as one