From the recording Doggerel ditties


A villa down beside the sea, oasis of tranquillity, built to fill with guests and clever talk
A ski in ski out chalet with a hot tub and a valet, clubs and restaurants all within a walk
Or maybe just a bowl of rice, a glass of water without ice
A soul mate and a healthy bouncing child?
The more you have the more you need to satisfy your growing greed, you lose it all eventually

A private jet with pilots, a yacht to cruise round islands, a country house with keepers and a shoot
Fiscally located, materially sated, with cupboards full of handmade brogues and suits
Or maybe just a first time kiss, a night of unencumbered bliss
Sheepish grins and cosy quiet time
So when the new Jacuzzi’s dug don’t pour the baby down the plug and don’t forget to hug the pug

Steer your camel through the needle, don’t forget that what you read will make you want to go and buy more stuff
A Knighthood of the Garter, lists like Magna Carta, more breeds more - never quite enough
Your feet will fly from time to time, don’t ignore the dirt and grime
That anchor real people to the ground
Eyes fixed on the stars above, moving on with push and shove, ensure you leave good room for love