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  1. Aleppo (Original)

From the recording Doggerel ditties


Do you feel short changed when you see richer folk
Do firebrands exhort you not even to vote
Others may be dying to reach here by boat
Be glad you’re not in Aleppo

Our leaders do little but passing the buck
The service we get from the council just sucks
But poor people think that we have all the luck
Be glad we’re not in Aleppo

Do you think it’s unfair you’ve nothing to wear?
There’s not much to wear in the Ghetto
Is your pout trout lipped, are your jeans well ripped,
Be glad you’re not in Aleppo

We download our lives to our screens from thin air
An internet slowdown will cause us despair
Our neurons short circuit, let’s pull out our hair
So glad we’re not in Aleppo

So find a good partner or husband or wife
And tattoo your mind with the best parts of life
Carve out the rest with a virtual knife
And be glad you’re not in Aleppo